2015 XP100 Fox Edition 25hrs & 690 miles.
Developed a knocking/clanking noise,listened with stethyscope and definatey louder towards top end. Took it to the dealer under warranty. They stated they replaced the tensioner no change,performed oil pressure test held RPM’s @ 4000 & 7000 and had good oil pressure.Shut it off and noise was gone.Gave it back to me with no resolution and left repair order open. drove it back to my shop about 7 miles and parked it,started it up twice a day and second day noise has returned.This noise does not go away after start up and is clearly louder and more metalic than the “normal tensioner start up rattle”. After holding rpm’s up several minutes then back to idle the noise seems to sometimes clear up to a minimum and almost goes away. Clearly seems to be an oiling issue like top end is not getting lubrication,I would think if it was timing it would not come and go. Any one else experienced this type of noise or symptoms? I have video on my Iphone but don’t know how to load it here. Maybe someone could tell me how to load the video and that may give you guys and idea of this noise/clanking.
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