Sorry for the long read but I want to include all the details.

Went for a ride the other day in the Black Hills and RZR was running fine for about four hours. On the way back to truck I noticed it was back firing a lot but figured it was because I was heading down the mountain and the engine braking was causing it. It’s always done it a little. When I pulled on the trailer I noticed check engine light had just came on. Check code and it was for running lean. Didn’t ride it any more that day.

Three days later we took it out again and engine light was still on. I noticed it had about half power and was backfiring and sounded like it was missing. Kept running it because we’re here on a trip and not going to ruin it. We were site seeing so the power issue annoyed me but wasn’t a big deal.

About three or four hours in this round it falls on its face and check engine is blinking. Check codes and it’s both misfire codes as well as the lean code. I kill it and start it back up and it ran at half power for a bit and did it again. Did this about 7 times in the next 30 minutes driving to the top of an overlook.

I know the wonderful recall reflash has that crap about belt slip causing a misfire code. Mine has never thrown this code and I absolutely smoked one belt while stuck. Wouldn’t drive over 40 mph in high kind of smoked. That being said I knew this could be an issue so I swapped belt as mine was squealing awful loud (brand new Polaris belt with one ride, looked fine but one spot was slightly glazed). Squealing stopped after replacing and it ran better, but still threw misfire codes 4-5 times in the next three hours(~35 miles). Lean code never went away. Note the belt I put on wasn’t a brand new one, but I wasn’t having any issues when I replaced it (Did it to have a spare)

Get back into deadwood and pulled plugs. They look okay but I ordered some from oreilly anyways because they are cheap. They will be here tomorrow. I pulled fuel pump to see if sock was clogged causing the lean issue. It was a little dark looking but I rinsed it out and there wasn’t a lot of trash in tank. Ran it at idle for at least 10 minutes and lean code was still there.

I also notice that driver side motor mount had some slack in it. See pic.

Could that possibly cause belt slip and make the misfire code?

Any ideas on the lean code? How often do O2 sensors go on these? Any ideas to keep me riding come Saturday before we leave?

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