I have been dealing with this since last Memorial Day on my 2015 XP1000!

I was out riding and went through some water, the motor started cutting in and out. It would work again and then by the time I got it loaded back on the trailer the Machine would only run on one cylinder. I cant remember what the code is at this point anymore, but its the Mag side of the motor the injector is not getting any power at all. I have searched the forums high and low for answers. I have replaced the Injector with a new one, I have replaced the injector clip. It has been setting at the dealer for 4 months. They have went through it as well with changing the ECU with another one and all the other plug and play parts that could effect the injector. No its come to the wiring harness, its going to cost around $1400 to get that done.

It has to be a ground or a broken wire somewhere in the harness, is there anyone out there that can point me to a location on the harness that might be the culprit to my issue.

If not it looks like its going to be $1400 out of pocket.

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