I bought my son a red 13. I added maxis big horns but got the racing style with polished crap. I didn’t see the Diablos. Two inch wheel spacers in the front. I have ITP shocks to put on all the way around. I’m not sure if the new shocks will stop the “cantor” on the dront wheels. Kolpin shield. Roof, rear window. Mirrors and rear. Full doors. Front and rear bumpers and a hand operated wiper.
I gained a bunch of cleaeance doing this and it can go through much more. Dragonfire 4 point restraints. Velcroed seat padding so he can see. He just turned 7. He has a hammerhead 208R that I made off road capable. With their performance kit it crushes the 170 in speed but it doesn’t feel like big machine as my son said. The 170 feels bigger and will definitely go through more.
The AMR racing camo “wrap” was really just a shitty decal kit and tons of red still shows.
I’m upgrading the stator to the newer model number. I’m guessing when they did the EFI that it will put out more power so I can add lights. Not enough power now.
For the motor I only did a jet kit and intake.
If I could… I would put in a bigger motor but have no clue what would work. There has to be a way. I’m open to anythjng that will give it more power.

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