Late last year in the fall, my kid started to have trouble with a loose chain and it kept falling off the sprocket. Didn’t think much of it a other than a busted tensioner. In February I dropped off the 170 at the dealership for the fuel tank and battery harness recalls and turns out my kid sheared off the drivers side tube off the rear swing arm that connects to the frame. How the hell did I not see this! Crap! (I am thinking it was barely holding together and the dealership finished it off )

I wasn’t about to fork over $400-500 for a new swing arm especially after doing some research in the forums that this is a common issue. Not to mention, it sheared off on the weld too.

I decided to remove the swing arm, tear it down, weld the “arm” back on”, and instead of using the factory plastic skid plate have a metal plate cut and weld that in plus gusset the arms to make them stronger. So far I’m $100 into this. I did also order a new tensioner and a new chain guard as when the chain fell off it bent the guard up.

And yes some of my welds (especially the first few) may not be the prettiest.

I’m hoping to have it back together this weekend and we shall see how she holds together by the need of this month. Planning on hitting the trails first weekend in April.

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