Hello, Figured I would show my mod.
I found a cool looking intake at the Depot.
Super cheap pvc drain; picture is of the sticker I peeled off the drain.
A couple of coats of satin black, cut the hole and file fit until it’s snug, taped the back side pushed the hose on and snugged up the clamp.
The pvc intake goes to a hose from my dust collector, about 18 inches, a dryer hose could work but thin.
The elbow is from the furnace aisle, its aluminum and beefed up with 3M electrical tape, riveted to four 90 degree brackets and mounted to a 3/4″ plywood flange. Hot glue fills in any gaps followed up with another 4″ hose clamp.
The picture showing the CVT snorkel out the passenger side, that is the intake. I read some posts showing the drivers side was the intake, mine is a 2017 and the drivers side hose is exhausting out. I sanded the rubber hose connector joining the stock intake pipe to the pvc section to make it pliable, the connector was too stiff at first, it gives it some cush
I added two lights for reverse.
I do not know what Polaris was thinking with those two intake locations.
Hope this helps someone

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