The kids got a 2017 RZR170 for xmas. Trying to quickly build it so my 8 year old can race (The Dirt Series & Worcs) and play in Glamis. Can’t find much info from the racers out there and would love any tips/suggestions.

So far, I’ve focused on safety and suspension. Here is what we’ve done (costly roughly $9,500 including the rzr):

FU2 cage, rigid doors, bumpers
Rugged short course radio
PRP 5 point harnesses
PRP seats (not yet installed)
FU2 long travel arms and LSR axle (not yet installed)
Window nets (not installed)

Next on the list:
Then ???

Although he’ll probably get smoked, I’m thinking of letting him race the beginner class a few times on a completely stock motor to get the feel of racing. So far, his only racing has been go carts at pole position.

Thanks in advance … Brian

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