Let me start by saying thanks for reading.

So my kids’ 2014 carburated RZR170 has a weird issue. When I drove it it would cut out and stall. I took it to the local dealer who looked at the fuel system and cleaned and adjusted the carburetor ($420) brought it home and had this same issue. So I decided it may be gas. To run through the gas i did big 1/2 mile circles around a field on out property. I noticed something really weird. At the same spot on each lap it would start to cut out, I could pull out the choke and it would keep running. The thing that I noticed is this part of the trail is really bumpy.

So when it is hitting bumps it is fuel starving or something that is causing it to cut out. If while driving the bumps I pull out the choke it starts to run great again. Then when I get on flat ground again, with choke out, it stars to stall. I push choke back in again and it runs great for the rest of the lap till I get to the bumps again? So basically I have to choke it when its bumpy.

Any idea what is wrong? Gas is fresh, carb is clean!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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