I have three kids 11/10/7. The youngest has never driven and the older two are about the same ability. I will call them cautiously aggressive. lol

I had a pair of eton vipers and the two older ones used them a bit but not much as the power was really bad and we have some decent hills (dirt roads) to get the trails in our area. Basically road them around our driveway and down the street.

There was a very bad accident down the road from our secluded area where an 11 year old died a couple summers ago riding an atv so kids have taken a safety course but moms orders that anything going forward needs a roll cage.
I sold the vipers and have some cash and I’m also willing to invest some more money into this amazing sport.

So… my thought is… buy an RzR 170 for them to share or buy two Ace 150’s.

Two 170’s are just not in the budget.

Thoughts, suggestions, alternatives??

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