Hi all. Wondering your thoughts.

My son is just about to turn 13. Two years ago I bought him a KLX 110 dirt bike, but he never felt comfortable with it.

He just tried a friend’s RZR 170 and loved it. So, thinking of selling the dirt bike for an RZR. I’ve seen the ‘age’ post which indicates that he may be too old/big (5′, 80 PDF) for it. But, the next step up (570) is double the price and way too much.

Wondering your advice. He is still very new. Plus, my 11 year old daughter is very interested, and I think she’d love it. Mostly, used in larger yards (i.e. 10 acres), no major excursions.

Would the 170 be enough? I’ve thought about a used one. That way, I could probably get my money back out of it at some point. A used 570 is still too much. There isn’t something in between those.


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