So after a good while Of trying to tune the stock carburator I finally pulled the trigger on a vent carb for my boys rzr.

Upon arrival it came with a 170 Main and 25 pilot, in the box came with two extra 140 mains. Off the bat the thing was falling on its face hard, you’d really have to ease into the thing in order for it to move.

I bought a jet kit ( mains ) and proceeded to try new combos. Leaving the 25 pilot I installed 165/155/145 and all the way down to the 140 main that came with the carb. None of them being perfect but got progressively better the smaller the main.

Finally with the 140 Main and 25 pilot the thing ran much much better mid and top end. It gets through the low end if you don’t stab it off the line, if you do Stab it the rzr stumbles then will clean up and go.

To get rid of that low end bog do you suggest I start playing with the pilot? The Air/fuel screws is 3/4 turns out per Vent.

These are my mods: I was able to get 25 mph max on GPS with me in it ( 195lbs ) it was hitting the rev limiter.

Muzzi exhaust
Muzzi intake
Vent racing carb
21” holeshots front
20” holeshots rear
Full cage
Prp seats/ harnesses
Walker Evan shocks f/r
Full magnum long travel

Trying to get it dialed for New Years..

Thanks in advance!!!

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