I just installed a set of 32x10x14 Ocelot P350R’s (bighorn knockoff) on my 2017 Rzr 4 900 and they seem to be clearing just fine without any modifications other than preloading the the springs to get back to factory ground clearance. They are on 14×7 5+2 STI beadlocks. Tires measure right at 31” tall on the machine with 10 psi. Power still feels pretty good despite the 5” increase in diameter. I was very surprised that I was still able to spin the tires on dry asphalt with stock clutching. The website lists them at 41lbs each, I did not independently measure them but that seems pretty close. They are an 8 ply radial but are not DOT approved like the Journeys. They are priced at $116.88 but I got an extra 5% off on Black Friday. Link is below. I would expect them to fit the 900S, 1000S, or the General with similar results. My ground clearance is now 15 1/2”


Compared to a 29x9x14 bighorn

32’s vs 29’s vs 27’s

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