My RZR was running rich, had slow throttle response, would backfire and finally the engine would die when the EFI fuse would blow. This would happen whenever the I drove it in wet condition. I finally had enough and figured I had a short to ground somewhere. Sure enough after shaking the harness for the fuse panel/ECM I was able to get the engine to stall and the EFI fuse to blow. I removed the tesa tape from the section of the wire harness for the fuse panel and saw no obvious broken wires. I removed the aft main skid plate and looked up and saw that the wire harness was rubbing where the oil pan is bolted up to the engine. The wire harness comes out of the center console and Y’s off to the Fuse/ECM and up to the top of the engine. The harness going up to the engine was what was chafed thru on the engine. The wires chafed thru was for the ignition coil, Tmap sensor purple wire and a shield wire.

I repaired the wires with solder sleeves, re-taped with tesa tape, added split convoluted tubing over most the harness and secured the harness better than Polaris did.

What makes me mad is that Polaris had to have seen this chaffing in either warranty or testing and did not issue a recall or even tell owners that this could happen.

I would suggest everyone take a good look at their harnesses on the RZR to see if it is rubbing on the engine/oil pan area.

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