Decided to keep my 2016 RZR 900S and sell my wifes 570. Gave the 900 to my wife and this will be my new ride. Unless I’m heading out solo.

Pickings were slim and I got stuck with my least favourite colour choice. Actually, I hated the colour if I’m being honest (no offense) but it was 2K less than the 2 others available in my province and that helped pay for some of the new trailer. So… I bought it.

With zero miles on my machine I put my kids to work and voila… something I absolutely love. The lime squeeze accents are growing on me but I’m still debating if I’m going to stay with the Lime accents or do something completely unique. I am ordering new seats so I can go any direction. I’m thinking kawasaki green, orange, blue… not sure but I know a powder coater that could help. May keep it lime squeeze, not sure yet I just want to ride the damn thing.

FYI The Polaris decal was removed (still on in photo) and repurposed on the trailer.

Lots of mods planned over the next couple months.

Anyways, here it is…

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