Good Morning!
I’ve not spent much time in here as I haven’t needed to nor have I owned my machine long. I purchased a Robbie Gordon 800 off a buddy a few months back so the family and I could cruise the trails and be outdoors. Well, yesterday I took it in the woods behind the house and all was well until I heard an abnormal noise. Almost like a CV axle popping but doing so very aggressively. I stopped and took a peek, nothing loose or out of place. Tried to get in and go and pay closer attention and that when it sounded like a metal gear just riding another gear. I have vibration to the rear wheels as if it is trying to move, but something just isn’t engaging. I put it in reverse, and it moved just fine for the most part. There was a moment where it did it in reverse as well, but not always.
Anyway, walked home and got the Rancher and pulled it home. I’ve read that it could be the position of the gear selector but I’m thinking it’s deeper than that. I will certainly check it out, but I want to know what else it could be? I’m a newb to these things, but I’ve also got a mechanical understanding to moving part and have wrenched on vehicles plenty so i’m confident I can figure this Rzr out with some guidance as to where to start from you all.
Hope to get some good input, don’t want this thing down for long!

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