I have been trying to figure this thing out for quite sometime. I’ve searched the forums trying to get a answer but no luck. So I have a aerocharger kit. New motor build. The rzr ran correctly after it was first done. Drove it around tuning it in with my wideband. I went to start it a few months ago battery was dead. Charged it when it fired up it sounded like it was only hitting on one cylinder. After a few minutes ut cleared up so I took it to get the cage lowered. When I got it back it wouldn’t rev over 5300 rpm in any gear. Revs up in neutral but kinda hangs out around the 5-5300rpm for a minute before it gets by it. I replaced the wires, coil, plugs, injectors, and tps. I ordered the kms tps adjustment to verify I had it correct. Still won’t go past 5300 rpm. Fuel pressure is 44 at the rail. I haven’t checked it while driving. When it gets to 5300 it doesn’t pop or anything just acts like your just cruising. Any help is much appreciated what to try or look for.

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