I am new to RZR and offroading… so please bear with me. Just bought a 2014 rzr 570. Installed a 2″ lift kit and has a roof.

I am wanting to add a few upgrades to achieve: clearance, increase stability, winch/bumper combo and smoother ride. I realize there 10,000 threads that have this info, but I am lost when trying to compile it all. So I thought this may help:

What have you done/recommend to accomplish:

increase stability:
winch/bumper combo:
smoother ride:

Any links to the products would be awesome! Below is what I am thinking…. so feel free to provide feedback. I surely appreciate any help.

As a note, my kiddos have a 170 and will follow me around from time to time as well

clearance: 2″ lift kit (installed) and wheel/tire combo (need input)

increase stability: Spacer? (trail width is not a concern for me)

winch/bumper combo:…0-Front-Bumper and…KFI-2500-Winch

smoother ride: Shocks???

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