I installed these tires over the weekend on the stock EPS model wheels. 9” wide in the front and 11” wide in the rear. The machine is now 51” wide which should still allow me to get on the narrow trails. No rubbing anywhere. I had been considering a lift too but just adding these tires gave me an additional 1.5” of ground clearance (10 psi in tires), so I’m going without the lift. The stock tires apparently are not a true 25” tall.

First impressions are that they ride MUCH better than stock. Swallow up bumps and really smooth the ride up. There may be a very slight loss of power but you would really have to be looking for it to notice it. Mounted, each front tire/wheel weighed 8 lbs more than stock and each rear was 12 lbs heavier.

I had been considering 27” terrabites too but I’m very glad I went with the bearclaws. Found a great deal at denniskirk.com too. Under $400 for the set shipped.

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