After reading about the heat shield that folks are putting on the back of their seat shield between the engine and the seats; I decided to take a close look to see what I had.

I saw that polaris had added a nice shield behind the seats and above the exhaust (2017).

While there however I noticed a disconnected hose. Not good.

I also noticed that the heat shield was bent down at the top so that it was almost touching the exhaust (toward the manifold)


1. I reconnected the hose but have driven the rzr up and down the street about ten times before I noticed it. Did I do any damage?

2. Should I bend the top of the heat shield to make it more horizontal at the top versus bending downward toward the exhaust

See pictures.

By the way. I sent the pictures to my Polaris Sales and Service dept and asked their opinion. I just picked this up on Friday

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Attachment 329465

Attachment 329473

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