My 6000 mile review.

After my 75 mile ride today, my 2013 570LE has gone just over the 6000 mile mark with 352 hours. Everyone has read about all the machines with issues on here. I just wanted to let you know there are problem free RZR’s out there too.

My buggy just keeps on going and going without any issues. This thing still provides me with a lot of fun adventures and has always gotten me back to my trailer safely. This has been very important to me, because for about 5800 of the 6000 miles, I have ridden alone or with just my wife.

I helped to enhance the ride this summer by adding Bandit shocks all around with 300# springs (great move) and disconnecting both front and rear sway bars. With my 26.5” tires, 14” rims, Bandit shocks & my 2” R/T lift, I have roughly 10” clearance in the back and 12” in the front. I am exactly 50” wide in the front & about 51” in the back. My doors bulge out to 52” wide. I have never noticed it being top heavy or unstable.

With everything I’ve done including adding my suspension seats (good move), I really like how it rides and handles. Better yet, my wife loves how it rides now! She will now go on longer rides with me. I love my engine braking, turf mode & power steering. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

I still drive aggressively and way too fast on quick, narrow, twisty, rocky, sandy and hard pack woodsy trails in Northern WI. Some are asphalt ATV Routes & fire roads getting to the trails. Most of my rides now are roughly 50-75 miles long, day, night, rain or shine, whenever I get extra time.

I avoid mud and excessive water. I don’t jump it or drive it stupid. I clean and wash it after most every ride. I ride mostly by myself or with my wife, so I have tried to build my machine solid to get me home without issues. It doesn’t give me any reason to think that it won’t continue to run for years of fun to come.

I must have gotten a good one. Hopefully I don’t jinx it here. I have never had any bearing, bushings, brakes, electrical or any engine issues. I have never done anything with the valves. I changed the belt and spark plug at 2000 miles, because people said I should. I haven’t had any reason to change either one for over 4000 miles now, as I have not noticed any change in performance.

I always run in high gear, unless it’s really muddy or steep. I added bigger tires and never got a clutch kit. I have always used High Octane, Ethanol Free gas. It has always started easily every time. I use all Polaris fluids and filter. It doesn’t burn a drop of oil. I use a paper air filter, outerwear dust cover & small UNI filter in the intake. The trails I ride on rarely allow me to drive faster than 45mph. I keep a trickle charger plugged in when parked. I check the oil before every ride and change the fluids about every 1000 miles. I usually grease it before every other ride.

My Pitbull Rockers have 5800 miles on them and still have over 5/8” of the lugs left. Great performing tires! I’ve never had a flat tire or gotten stuck. They have worked & worn well for me. I have all four tires the same size – 26.5 x 9 x 14, so I can rotate the tires whenever I start to see wear.

The only real issue I had was my transmission being replaced under warranty at 3600 miles and some cracked A-Arms. I have more details about that on my 4000 & 5000 mile reports. I have only had it back to the dealer twice, once for my first fluid change and the other time was the transmission issue.

I look forward to updating my review as the miles add up in the years to come. Keep on Truck’n…

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