I’ve been reading LOTS of info in anticipation of picking up my 2016 Rzr 570. While I learn, the questions answered are replaced by new questions.

Here goes:

I’ve only seen this one place, and it was a review I think of a 2012 570. It said the top speed was governed at about 45mph. Is that true? I would think that with 45hp, this thing might top 50mph or even approach 55. I’ll probably rarely get up there, but would like to know.

Have they fixed the engine air intake tube with that silly seal that goes under the clamp? It sounds like they made a 1 piece setup, but I’ve seen no verification.

Are the headlights worth a crap? I know they deleted the high beam, so I’ll be adding some kind of additional lighting, but I don’t want to have to do a lot.

All the FAQ info I see is for the 2012 or 2013 model years. Are there some assembly quirks to look for or some problem areas to check on the 2016 model, or has it evolved with some fixes along the way?

How are the tires? The tread looks fine for what I’ll be doing, but are they a weak link?

What is the purpose of a 1/2 windshield? Does it really do much? I’m probably going to make my own full windshield for winter riding and plowing, but I’m curious about the benefit of the 1/2.

I’m getting the impression that these are stout and reliable machines. One thing I won’t miss about my 05 Sportsman 800 is that it was a total gas guzzler. I’ve read that the 570 can pretty much run all day on a tank of gas. When I go to large trail areas such as Windrock or Hatfield-McCoy, I don’t want to be sweating about fuel economy like I did with that big ATV. (I’ll be selling a couple of red flat rack-riding extra fuel tanks I used to carry around with my 800, if anyone is interested.)

Thanks for helping me kill time while I’m waiting by answering so many questions. I’m sure I’ve got more to come!

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