I know there are some older posts on here about some of you guys switching from the normal stock 52 gram weights to the higher elevation 48 gram weights. I know some of you switched because of increasing your tire size on your machine. I have a 2012 570 with 27 inch zilla’s which means I am very limited on what’s available because of it being a 2012, I bought the mudder kit from EPI which consists of a heavier primary (dark green) and secondary spring (light green) and 54 gram weights. I seen no improvement at all with that setup over my stock setup, so I switched back to the stock primary spring and I lightened the Epi weights from 54 grams to 50 grams, this seemed to be better than the stock combination and the Epi “kit” combination. But after reading the post about the 48 gram weights I am wondering if I should go that route (48g weights w/stock spring)? The initial take off is much smoother with the Epi weights because of their profile then the OEM weights are, so I’m considering lightening the Epi weights from 50g to 48g. I’m not concerned with top-end speed because most of our riding is done under 30mph (rock crawling, creek bottoms, 2 tracking etc.) So my question is to those of you who have switched to that combination (48g weights) were you happy with it, did it make a difference in acceleration with bigger tires, do your RPM’s stay up at a higher RPM on hill climbs versus the stock 52 gram weights? My options are very limited as some of you know with a 2012 machine, unless I want to spend almost $700 for a SLP or RVS clutch setup, Thanks for your input.

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