New to the forum so i apologize in advance if i post in the wrong place. Anyway id like to add some info and some ideas for anyone looking to build their own stereo system in their xp900 800/570. Recently got a hell of a deal on a totaled rzr570 from work “schreffler equipment in pitman PA”. Got her back together and decided to do some audio. Not really too fond of the pre- built stuff you can buy and the options are very limited. I decided to do 2 woofers in the rear half of the roll cage and 4 6.5s in the front. Went with rockford fosgate and earthquake sounds for the woofers “just 2 6.5″ woofers”. Built the boxes and bedlinered them to keep the wood from getting messed up from water. Thought id share my build for any of you who would like to do their own build. But anyway heres the pics and if you have any questions please ask. P.S. Try to ignore the fat cat

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