Hi guys, I have a 2015 EPS. Once in awhile when I start out for a ride, the buggy will not come up to speed. The rpm’s will be pretty high.The buggy speed slow. At some point there will be a loud bang in the front drive area. Like I hit the front drive with a large hammer. Then the buggy will come up to speed. One time when this happened, I put my hand on the front drive and it was very hot. I drained the front drive fluid. There was a lot of metal powder in the fluid and one long metal sliver came out.
I had been using the amsoil fluid. I went back to the Polaris fluid. Also I opened and cleaned all electrical connections also sprayed the contacts with dielectric grease. The problem quit up until today. Then it happened again today. The problem happens in 2 wheel drive.
Have any of you guys had this problem? I rode through a rainstorm several weeks ago and some shallow mud puddles.


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