I’ve been posting the last couple weeks about my 2012 RZR 570 (non-EPS) that has had a problem with low power/low speed. I rebuilt the top end due to excessive blowby (20%) through the piston rings. I drove it last week and it seemed to be much better but still lacked the high end power I see a lot of people talk about with their stock 570s.

I decided to test the TPS and it tested fine. Previously I thought it was bad, but after pulling it off the machine it tested fine. I looked up a youtube video of a guy setting his and he stated he stated he back-probed the green and orange wire and rotated it until it showed 0.46V. When I performed this same test, it showed around 3 volts. No matter how I rotated it, it still showed around 3 volts. Then I tried to probe the 2 wires against ground and one of them showed me a voltage around 0.46v. I rotated it until I got exactly 0.46v and set it in place. At this same time, I also removed the tmap sensor, used MAF cleaner on it very gently, and installed it back into the bike.

I turned it on today (very cold outside) and for the first little bit it idled around 1400 and then after that it went up to around 1700-1800. Even after the engine was at full operating temperature it stayed around there. I decided to check all my connections, check for CELs, and then remove the TMAP sensor and blow it out with compressor air to see if there was some fluid in there. I re-installed the TMAP sensor, and now it doesn’t idle super high but it does idle around 1400. 1400 is still too high to shift without gears grinding. I can hear my primary clutch is spinning fast enough to turn my secondary.

Did I ruin my TMAP sensor? I unplugged the battery and let it “reset” the ECU memory but it didn’t help. Will the TMAP alone set the idle? I thought the ECU was in charge of setting the idle. I moved the TPS back exactly to where it was before I messed with it but it still idles around 1400-1450. Any help would be appreciated!

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