Since the 570 forum has been slow the past few days, Id figure I would throw a topic in that maybe we can discuss a bit?

I’m in the market for a SXS and have had the itch for over a year now.. I had my mind, heart, and soul set on a 570 because my girlfriend and I would only be putting around Ohio/Pa/WV trails by ourselves, not needing to show off for anyone just enjoying the time to ourselves.

However, I recently been researching the Teryx 800 2 seater, and it know it’s a different class of machine being a sport/utility vs a sport (Rzr) but it has loads of storage which I like. I don’t find it as cosmetically pleasing as the Rzr but looks aren’t everything… atleast that’s what my girlfriend tells me, and thank god cause I’m only ugly mother. LOL

What are your guys’ thoughts between the two just for crawling the eastern trails for a week or two at a time..

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