I went up to Turn 1 Motorsports in Plymouth, Indiana, today and picked up my Rzr 570. The whole experience was great! They took care of everything quickly, gave me what they said they would for my trade, and did a nice job of going over everything. They run a first class operation there, from my experience, so far.

Anyway, we did a little running in an empty lot to start the break-in process. I absolutely love this thing, but my kids love it even more. I can’t wait to get it out on the trail!

The tail light wiring loom was fastened just as it should be, the winch and plow installation looked great, including the placement of the winch switch, right in front of the shifter. (Perfect!) Everything looked great on the visual inspection, and it had a nice full tank of gas. Even the headlights were aimed perfectly!

The only issue is a slight rattle at idle or just off idle. It sounds kind of like a heat shield somewhere rattling against the frame, more toward the driver’s side. Cursory inspection didn’t reveal anything, so I’ll have to take a closer look when I get a chance. It doesn’t sound like anything more significant, as the machine runs and drives perfectly.

It’ll be awhile before break-in is done, because I don’t live near any wide open spaces. I hope to take it to The Badlands at some point and open her up. Just running around the yard and empty lot, I can tell this thing can squeeze into some really tight places, so I’m looking forward to giving it a workout in some wooded trails.

Btw, I also ordered the seat adjuster, and it works great! It does raise it up a couple inches, but I’m 6’5″ tall, and I feel like it gave me slightly more legroom. The comfort for my wife and older kids was alone worth it.

Thanks everyone here for all the great advice and things to look for. I’ll give updates on the performance as I get more hours behind the wheel. I feel like I got a nice machine with solid performance that will run reliably for years and years while making quick work of snow on my driveway!

It starts and runs perfectly,

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