Hi everyone. Doing research on a plow for the 570.

My neighbor’s husband recently passed so she needs some help keeping her driveway clear this winter. I have a plow on my truck but don’t always have the time to do both driveways. It looks like a good excuse to get a plow for the 570 I got for the kids earlier this year. It’s a 2017 model. I’m fairly confident my son can handle the job at this point (although I’ll go with him for the first run at least). The utv is completely stock at this point. I did buy a roof from EMP but have to install it yet.

The driveway is probably 4-500 ft long and there is about a 50×50 area to clear in front of the house/garage. It’s covered with gravel. The small stuff, not 2B. She’s quite worried about having the gravel torn up and having to re-do it in the spring.

On my truck, I use a piece of schedule 40 pipe that I slotted and installed over the blade to keep it from digging in and moving the gravel/stone, etc. It works very well and leaves a nice trace of snow behind that quickly melts with some sun exposure. I’d like to do the same thing with the 570. I think I used 3 inch on the truck (or was it 4?), I’d probably use at least an inch smaller on the utv. Simply slot it with the plasma, slide it over the blade and weld on tabs to use some of the original bolt holes in the blade with longer bolts to hold it on. Some people use straps to hold it on so they can take it on/off.

With that in mind come some questions as below. I’ve done quite a bit of searching but I’ll apologize in advance if some of them are repetitive.

I’m trying to decide straight or slanted blade. Most of the plowing can be done plowing to the right with some planning but there will always be some need to plow to the left as well (especially if I end up having to use it on our driveway). Should I stay with the straight blade? Curve work ok plowing to left?

Will the extra weight of the pipe be an issue with the suspension on the 570? I would think it will add 10-20 pounds to the plow. That leads to another question, what size plow to use. 60, 66, 72? I’m leaning toward 60 or 66. I don’t think a 50 would be wide enough with the blade angled. The width of the blade also adds more weight as you get wider.

How big of a winch will I need? Is a wireless remote worth it?

I’m leaning toward Denali if I can afford it. That may limit some choices in plow width. I’d rather not get something that isn’t going to last. I’m open to suggestions here as well.

I’m sure there are other questions but it’s getting a little late so I’ll stop here.

Thanks in advance!


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