Has anyone ever used the rear springs on the front of your 570 shocks? I have a extra set of front and rear springs and shocks from a RZR 800 which is the same Springs & shocks as the 570. I was going to order a set of High Lifter Springs or Super ATV Springs for the front stock spring sag that I have, but thought I might try the Springs from the rear and see if those would work as well. Highlifter Springs & Super ATV front springs are rated at 150 lb, and the stock rear springs off of an 800 are 170 lb rating. Not sure if it would ride too rough being 20 more pounds heavier in the rating? The 800 springs are 1/2 inch shorter (13.5) than High Lifter or Super ATV springs (14.0) so I know the length won’t be an issue.

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