Well after 30 years of riding and ATV I finally purchased a Side by Side! In August I purchased a 2015 LE 570(Sunset Red). It was already loaded with Winch, front & rear bumpers, Roof, rear & side view mirrors as well as a half and a full windshield. Already I have added a seat slider, 2″ lift kit, 26 inch bighorns mounted on 14 inch STI HD4 mags, Led light bar, 570 S fender flares and a Polaris Lock & ride storage box. I love this machine an pretty well have it set-up just the way I want it. :big-grin
Now with hunting season fast approaching I am trying to equip the 570 with a mounting system to be able to carry my Kolpin 1V hard gun case to protect my rifle. So far I have had no luck. Polaris use to make one for the 570 but it is now discontinued an I believe that you also had to buy a cage extension to mount that one. If any of you folks know of anything out there or have successfully mounted your rifle to your 570 could you please share some ideas or pictures. Thank-you very much.

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