I just replaced the primary clutch on my 2013 570. In the process, I inspected the secondary. Here’s the problem though, I cannot find ANY diagrams that match the secondary I removed. The manual I have (2012 – yes mine’s a 2013, but I don’t have a 2013 service manual available to me) shows a shaft with a snap ring that holds the spring under tension. Every video I have seen shows the secondary with the shaft and a snap ring. They are not fastened together in any way, except for the bolt that fastens to the shaft.

My secondary is stamped “Rapid Reaction” (see pic in this link: http://www.rzrforums.net/rzr-s-900/1…on-clutch.html). The strange part is it has the spring on the BACK (gearbox side). The spring is held in with a cup and a ring with 5 screws fastened to the back gearbox side of the fixed sheave. The movable sheave just slides off the drive shaft once the bolt is removed. I don’t get it.

Has anybody seen this clutch? Is mine correct and/or installed correctly? Anybody know where I can get an exploded view with parts list?

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