I’ve had my 570 for a couple years now and figured it was time to do some upgrades. Instead of doing mods to the existing engine, I’m going to attempt a swap to a yamaha Phazer 500 engine. External size is about the same, fuel injected and 80hp. Redline is around 11000rpm but output shaft to clutch is geared down to about 8000 which a cvt clutch can handle. The first couple months progress is going to be very slow. The day I picked up the engine, my car got totalled on the way home by someone looking at leaves and not the road, then Wednesday an accident at work broke my thumb so all I can really do is pre planning and getting parts together. So far I know i need to design an intake plenum for the throttle bodies and a exhaust header since the exhaust exits from the rear of the engine. If I’m that far into I figure I’m going to design them to be turbocharged since that is a popular modification to the phazer and takes them to around 120-150hp. Also I just installed some of the Fox shocks from carls. Hope this drums up some interest and support.
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