Well guys. Some of you will remember when I bought my RZR used with 220 miles on it, I found the dealer had pressure washed into the intake which collapsed the filter and caused it to eat some dirty water… They wouldnt do anything about it, so I hoped for the best, cleaned the entire intake tract and put it all back together and have had no issues aside from minor oil consumption.

That is until this weekend. Went riding Saturday and the RZR was hard to start when cold and I had to apply some throttle to get it to go. Once it warmed up a little it ran and started great all day. No issues at all. But once cold again I have been having to apply throttle to get it to start.

The first thing that really came to my mind was low compression. I was really hoping that was not the case, however I believe I have confirmed my suspicions tonight. I pulled the filter out and it was good and clean in the airbox, so I thought I would take a picture in the throttle body with my phone since I couldnt get my head in there to see it. What I found is that I ever so slightly folded the bottom of the boot on the airbox upwards when I put the airbox back in.:wall: This of course has been allowing it to eat dust for the past 550 miles of use. You can see the dust trail in the intake. I realized what I had done as soon as I saw the picture. Really a bummer to dust an engine with 850 miles on it this way….

I will have a 10mm adapter for my compression gauge tomorrow which will tell me exactly what im dealing with. I think right now my plan is going to be to keep running it until it gets cold out, then tear it down and rebuild the top end. It really sucks but i’ve come to terms with it I guess.

So, please remember this story in the back of your mind when you are re-installing your airbox. Ive worked on a zillion ATV carbs and removed and installed these boots, etc.. Somehow I didn’t notice this one.

So, does anyone have any experience with the Alba high compression piston?

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