I have had my 2012 570 for about 3 months now. Long enough to know I really like it and want to keep it so am doing some upgrades. Winch, Light bars, front and rear bumpers and ….wheels. I have the stock steelies and had dome some searching here and bought a set of oem take offs on Craigslist. the dude said they were off of his 800. They do not fit. I believe what they really are is XP1K takeoffs, see attached pic. I have spent the last 2 days on here and the net looking for solutions to make them fit. I think that the Super ATV adapter kit would work but still unsure if I would have to do the forward A arms as well and I would lose my 50″ width. They are 26x9x12 and 26x11x12.

While I am mulling that over, I wonder if I may be better off looking for a different set of good looking OEM Polaris wheels and just reselling the ones I just bought. I have been searching the 570 forum but not really seeing anything except the 570 LE wheels which aren’t that great looking to me, anyway. So asking here two questions:

1. Does anyone know for sure of any other Polaris OEM wheels that fit the 570 beside the LEs?
2. Does anyone know for sure if the wheels I bought already will work with JUST the adapter kit and no other mods?

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