I recently noticed my front wheel bearings were going bad so I took everything apart and took my bearing carriers into the local Polaris shop to have the old bearings pressed out and new OEM bearings pressed in. After getting the new ones pressed in I hooked everything back up on the drivers side and everything went smooth. When I was putting the passenger side back together the hub was a little tight going into the bearing and spindle so I started to wiggle it out to clean the hub up better. As I was wiggling it out the inner race of the bearing separated. None of the balls fell out and I was able to snap the race back in place. I cleaned the hub up and it seems to slide in better now. What I am curious about is if the bearing will be ok? After putting the race back in I noticed the inner races have some play where you can move them back and forth. But the race seems to be snapped back in place. Is this normal? Just wanting to get some opinions.

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