I’m posting this on the 570 sub forum because that’s the group whose experience I want to hear.

I was just thinking that one of the great things about a side x side is that you can carry a spare tire relatively easily, like my Jeep. However, I realized the front and rear tires are different sizes.

So what would be the best way to play the odds? Carry a front or a rear? Could you run a spare front on the rear, just to get home? They are the same diameter, just thinner, so unless the backspacing were an issue, I’d bet you could do it.

Thoughts? Which have you experienced a flat/blow out with more often, front or rear? I’ve never lost a tire on my ATV’s or my Jeep, although I did bend a steel rim pretty badly on my old Arctic Cat 375 once. It never lost air, though.

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