I got a set of these for my 570 for Christmas and installed them today and I must admit the ride improvement was incredible. These shocks are half the price of Fox or Bandit and have a full year replacement warranty, and the dealer takes the hit on the shocks first, sends you replacements, and then he deals with the manufacturer. I have a 2 inch highlifter lift kit on my 570 and with it and these shocks I am now 3.5-4 inches above stock height, and that is with the preload set very conservatively, as a matter of fact I didn’t set preload at all just left them at the factory settings. The dealer is local to me and has been very helpful with questions through texts and calls. He has a contract for these shocks with the manufacturer and these shocks that I got were specifically made for the 2012-2017 570 trail and 2008-2014 800 trail. If someone wants better shocks but doesn’t want to spend 300.00-400.00 per shock look these up on E Bay. Theyre advertised for 649.00 for a full set. I made him an offer of 600.00 and he took it and I already know I am going to be enjoying mine for a long time

Just search Yearban piggyback shocks for RZR 570 on E Bay and you can see everything he has including shocks for other RZRs I’d put a link to EBAY but don’t know how. Hey….I’m an old guy that barely gets around a computer

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