Getting ready to pull the trigger on shocks and I need some help in choosing.

I am looking for the best ride possible. My 570 is all stock suspension. Front sway bar is disconnected and rear is still connected. Stock wheels and tires. May also look into taller tires for the stock wheels in the future.

For weight, I have a 3/8 Factory UTV UHMW skid plate, front and rear bumpers, winch, Polaris roof, 1/2 windshield, 20 pound storage box and 200lbs to 400lbs in riders.

I ride different type terrain trails in the NE, 60% rocky trails. I don’t ride real fast or hard.

Should I have sway bars connected or not connected??

Best shock recommendation??

Just looking for the best ride possible for 50 year old with a bad back.

Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated.


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