I got KMS TPS and idle adjust parts.
I used it on my brothers 08 rzr 800. Kit works perfect and easier than I thought it would be.

The RZR has ran very poorly for years and he has had dealers put fuel pumps on every year claiming its low fuel pressure causing poor idle.
Just got it back from an independent mechanic. Idled 1650 a little high but ran “better”. I bought the test kit. It was reading .930 so I turned down to .735.
Started and ran with meter still attached and energized and idles at 1230 and .735 tps. Super cool! I think i just need a little idle adjust.

I turn the meter off and it stumbles and backfires and very low idle.
I turn the meter back on and its normal again.:surprise

I am an electrician so I have some idea of DC circuits.
I assume the meter is supplying ground or voltage that the EFI is not.

Does someone have some suggestions as for where to start checking grounds and voltages? I have a manual but couldn’t find wiring diagram for TPS. EFI relay maybe?

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