Just purchased a used 800s that needs some love. Had a broken shifter mount, welded that up today as well as removed some wiring from eBay accessories that were no longer functioning. My only concern, and where i am hoping someone can assist is the unit is very difficult to start, often times having to flutter the gas pedal to get it to turn over and start running, and it goes up to 3K RPM when starting and idles down. When I rev it, in any gear, the idle stays high and slowly drops back down, when I kick into any drive gear it revs so high it wants to go before I even give it gas.

The mods mechanically I know it has are:

Big Gun Exhaust
Dynatek FS Digital Ignition
New Fuel Pump
K&N Filter and prefilter

This is the first RZR I have bought having issues, and I am hoping its something silly like a vacuum leak, but I imagine someone can give me a better idea of what I am describing. The price was right (4K) I am going to assume there is probably a aftermarket clutch. I haven’t had a chance to do much other than what was mentioned above.

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