I have been trying to track down a whine in my drive train that has progressively got louder over time. My pinion nut and bearing appears fine. I checked with Les and according to my serial number my unit is not affected by the loosening nut issue.

Decided to bite the bullet and pulled the engine and drive train for a full inspection. Everything looks like brand new in the trans, transfer case, and differential but I did notice a few things.

1. The bearing cup and race in the rear differential fell out during disassembly. Shouldn’t the bearing cup be a press fit into the housing ? I noticed the bearing cup has a superseded part number. CUP-BEARING was 2203502 now 2203881. Is the new bearing cup larger to achieve a press fit so the cup and race doesn’t spin in the housing ? If not, should I apply some lock tight 680 to the cup before re-installing to secure it to the housing ?

2. The bearing race for the output gear (3234559) in the transmission fell out also. Should I lock tight this one in place ?

3. Both roller bearings for the output gear in the transmission feel like they have some drag. All the rollers look fine, no pitting,scoring, etc. Could there be something wrong with them that is not visible ? They are cheap Chinese bearings that I am replacing but was curious if this could be where the whine is coming from.

Also, when I reassemble the cases what sealer should I use ? I will be pulling my engine oil pan so if there is a sealer that works on both let me know.

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