ok so I just got a 2008 rzr 800s. took her out for about 5 hours with no real problems except the front 4×4 was not working. watched some vids on youtube and found out the Sprague gear was my issue. got the aftermarket metal one and put it in. it was to long so I shaved it down a bit (.120) and after that appeared to be working. the axels would not move when I turn drive shaft gear then when I put 12 volts to the plug the 4×4 would engage. thought it was fixed. put it in last night and after putting the axels on I spun them to make sure they were free. they were for a few turns then it will start grabbing. when I jack it up , all 4 wheels move in 4×4 and 2×4. reverse and forward. so not sure where I went wrong there. While it was idling and I was testing it, it started to get hot. I remembered that about an hour before I finished my ride that I smelled coolant and noticed a small pinhole in my overflow tube so guess I lost more coolant than thought. so I went to the engine to see what was going on and noticed a stream of gas squirting from the metal tire cap deal that is capped near the injectors. so guess fuel pressure blew the top off off that cap. not sure how or why. don’t think just replacing the cap will fix it. not sure if the heat caused it to spray fuel or if I have bigger issues. I did cut if off before to much damage occurred. it still starts and idle fine just cant run long as the fuel is still leaking from that injector tire valve deal. help….:smile

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