I am looking to modify some aspects of my 2008 RZR 800. I mean, who really leaves these things as from the factory. First off mine is street legal and the first is just for convenience. The second is slightly a safety concern.

Fist off I would like to add the 2009 RZR S International rear differential to mine to keep the tires from balding out quickly. If I’m going to upgrade my DOT approved ATV tire to DOT approved light truck tires I don’t want the extra grip on the pavement to blow the rear end. I also know this will help with steering at slower speeds. Does anyone know where i may be able to get ahold of one of these, possibly for a refundable core charge for the old unit? I know there is going to be other parts needed, ie right axle shaft, adapted voltage regulation for the control circuit, wires and switches. any suggestions for these as well.

Secondly and probably the item I want to address asap, the stock exhaust system. I want to get ahold of a 2009 rzr s exhaust manifold and pipes from the header to the muffler. Riding in the fall scarea the hell out of me, because during trail runs I smell smoldering leaves. this is usually followed by hot embers coming up between the seats. I have noticed leaves are getting caught in the springs and plate on the manifold, smoldering and catching fire. the 2009 manifold eliminates this connection and is quite a bit smoother, thus leading me to believe it has added performance value as well.

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