2010 RZR 800 EFI LE, 1500mi, 165hr.

1. Had some noise up front but couldn’t pinpoint.
2. Front wheel drive was off & on, typically engaged when it shouldn’t have been.
3. Parked it after a quick buzz down the road and smelled hot diff fluid.
4. Came back 1hr later and found a 3″ round puddle of dirty diff fluid under.

So I bought a seal/bearing rebuild kit thinking I just had a leak.


Got the diff out on the bench, popped the case off, and voila there’s chunks of parts staring at me.

My findings:

– 29 broken ring gear teeth…TWENTY-FRICKIN-NINE.
– Aluminum roller cage itself is in no less than 16 pieces
– Armature plate missing 2 fingers
– Gritty & grimey diff fluid (bearings are likely toast)
– At least one clip is toast, so I figure I’ll need a new set.

– Hubs assemblies look good
– Cases are good
– Input gear is good
– Rollers are all there and unharmed (somehow)

So where do I go from here? What are my options? Dealership wants $653 + tax for the gear, cage and armature parts. I already have a bearing & seal kit.

I see someone sells aftermarket front ring gear sets for ~$250, but none for the 2010 — only 2011+. Why no 2010 gear?

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