Hi all,
I’ve been going through the forum looking for answers – my Rzr won’t start.

The family and I were out (my 800 with a kid, and her 570 with a smaller kid). All was well, and the 800 and I went into an off camber slippery section. The Rzr tipped 45 degrees against the bank on the drivers side (a steep tip sideways, but not right over). There was some water but nothing too crazy. The Rzr stayed on the whole time (kept running). I grabbed the winch from the 570 and pulled myself backwards while driving in reverse. Rzr still running – no issues.

We decided to park a bit (flat ground), and have lunch. Tried to start rzr again and got nothing – essentially what you see here in video. There was a clicking from behind the seat at the time, and I think I heard an electronic squeal. That was a week back. Now at home, with a fully charged battery and time to level out, dry, etc., here is what is happening:


Thx! Stranded Alberta Rzr guy (who can’t plow the recent snowfall with a broken rzr -lol)

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