Hi Everyone,
I’ve encountered an issue where my Rzr will turn over with the key in the start position, and sounds like it is just about running, but as soon as I let off the key (and it returns to the on position) it dies. It started when I was out for a ride on Saturday, I blew a shock out and shut the RZR off when I went to take a look. As soon as I came back to start it again the issue began (this is likely just a huge coincidence, but I figure it’s worth mentioning since I’m stumped). During the hour long coast and push back down the hill I managed to kill my battery trying to start it, and made no progress getting it to start.

Today I checked for spark (which it has), checked the fuel pressure (45 psi from the tank), and tried unhooking my fuel programmer (just incase). None of this resolved my issue and everything seems fine. I’m going to talk to my buddy about borrowing his ECU to test that this weekend, but in the meantime I’d really like to make some progress where I can and figure out what the issue is. Does anyone else have any ideas? I uploaded a video of it trying to start, so you can see what I mean.

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