New to the fourm, excuse my ignorance.

Having an odd issue with my 2013 RZR 800 and am looking for anyone with similar issue. Out on a fairly long run this past weekend 200 km over 2 days. About 170k in bike backfired and came out of gear (not physically) but no forward motion. coasted to a stop with bike running, shut it off looked underneath, not leaks or physical damage. At the time in the middle of a long stretch of dirt road diving @ around 65km/h with a large group of 30 bikes or so (bit dusty). Let bike sit for 5-10 min, started it back up put it in gear and away we went like nothing happened. Got a minute and half down the road same thing happened. Bike temp fine, checked transmission fluid it was fine and looked good. Started back up same thing out of gear after min and half. No matter how many times or long i stopped or how i drove (fast, slow, 4wd, low gear, high gear) same thing bike would run for around a min and half and come out of gear, shut it off for couple min and away it would go again. Sometimes bike would bog down or stall, but would come out of gear first

About to take belt cover off and take a look, but it almost feels like a sensor or fuel issue, just odd i would lose forward momentum first.

Any help appreciated!!


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