A week ago Tuesday I picked up a fairly decent looking 2009 RZR LE from a dealer in WI. The machine was freshly serviced and they promised me it would be in good shape. I took it for a brief ride at the dealership and everything I could think to check appeared to be functional but while I am pretty mechanically savvy, I am new to the ATV/UTV world.

I was in WI for work and therefor my new toy sat strapped into the back of my truck until I finally got home today. This evening I went to a field where I could take my new toy for a ride and heard a slight clanging noise coming from the front of the machine whenever it was moving. My buddy and I did a couple of laps around the field and the clanging got better but was not gone. The noise seemed reduced when in AWD mode but was still there. When I went to put the machine away I looked under the front end and I am pretty sure the inner CV joints are shot. I am able to grab the inner end of the CV shaft and move the inner knuckle approximately 1/4″ fore and aft on both sides. I checked the back CV joints and and they are solid but the fronts are obviously shot. Also, the exposed portion of the front shafts are rusty and make me suspicious that they may be original where as the rear shafts appear to have been replaced not long ago.

While I am disappointed to have problems with the machine on the absolute first ride, I guess it is to be expected with a 9 year old RZR. I’ll poke the dealer to see what they will do for me but given they are a state and a half away and in another country, I doubt they are going to be of much help.

Now that I have to get new axles, I need to decide what to get. I am thinking “S” mod in the future but not immediately. Will the 55-70 dollar each axles on eBay do the job for a season or two until I am ready for the “S” mod? Is there a better place to get axles to get me through until I do the “S” mod? My plans for this RZR will be running old logging roads and some trail breaking if that affects any axle recommendation. Any advice would be welcome.

Doug M
NW Ontario, Canada

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