New to the forum and to wheeling.

Recently purchased a 2014 RZR4 800HO with 3,300 miles. My wife and I logged about 300 ‘mature’ (aka…we’re not speed demons) miles in the 3 weeks since. We were having a ball with it until all heck broke loose last weekend after the rear cargo deck subframe broke off in 4 places. Exhaust broke off too when the frame broke.

Here’s a few pictures showing some of the breaks.
Attachment 562400
Attachment 562402
Attachment 562404

I’m the 3rd owner. The previous owner was a family of 4 that pretty much only used it around their yard…300 or so miles. The owner prior to them was also a family…and they logged all their miles on the big logging roads in northern NH. In other words, this machine has seen little or no hard use. Which makes this failure even more confusing.

My impression about Polaris products is that they are pretty rugged and dependable when it comes to this sort of issue. I’ve done a quick forum search here and haven’t seen anything about anyone experiencing the same problem. Looks to be a major repair and not something this mechanically challenged person should be tackling (disassemble everything to strip it down sufficiently so a weld and/or frame replace can be done).

Appreciate any feedback anyone has about similar issues and/or approaches to the repair.

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