I have read many posts about burning oil, but no solid answers.
Recently bought a 2008 RZR 800 oil got low fast but no smoke out of tail pipe. I snorkeled it and ran the crankcase vent line to the top of snorkel. That is when I saw it puffing smoke (only after it warms up.)
So yes I can do a top end rebuild (pistons, rings, valve lapping, and valve seals), but what is really the problem that causes the crankcase vent line to puff smoke. It burns pretty bad. After two hours on the trails (no high speed) the dip stick goes from the high mark to almost the low mark (maybe a 1/4 – 1/3 quart).
If I can change just the intake valve seals that is only $12 and a whole lot less work.
Anyone know whats up with crankcase vent tube smoke?? RZR has about 100 hours 1000 miles

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